20 Compelling Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Social Media Channels

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Why does every social media site think their users want this? No, stop it. I'm subscribed to channels for a reason. I don't need you to tell me what I want and don't want to watch. All I need is for you to put the videos in my sub box as soon as they are uploaded.

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5 Social media lessons from CEOs

Social media A key push back from leaders is 'I don't have the time'. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile told me, ‘any leader that doesn’t make time for social media is missing a huge opportunity’. The leaders I interviewed all cited that they have built social into their lives, on their terms. Whether it's reviewing the feeds over breakfast or when commuting or travelling. Build in times throughout your day or week that work for you to create a habit that becomes as natural as sending an email. In a world where trust in CEOs is at an all-time low, you can't risk the #fakesocial syndrome. Authenticity builds trust. Your social activity has to be your voice. Again, without exception every leader I interviewed shared the importance of the words and responses being theirs. It has to be you doing the ‘doing’ – use your words, your views, your voice, online. While the words, views and opinion has to be yours, you are by no means on your own. You're a leader, you've already got your hands full leading an organisation and inspiring your teams. Ask for help and collaborate.

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